See what some of my students have to say about my classes:

Chair Yoga:

“I started taking Chair yoga because I needed to be more flexible (getting sorta stiff the older I get).  Yoga helps create balance through developing strength and flexibility.  It helps my posture, breathing, and also reduces stress.  It makes me feel so good and clears my mind during relaxation time.  Tricia is so pleasant. Very enjoyable class.  So glad I started taking yoga!” (Female age 71)

“I started taking Chair Yoga because a friend invited me.  Since I started taking classes, my balance is better.  Meditation allows me to go to right to sleep at night, also relaxes me when needed.  I’d absolutely recommend this to a friend regardless of their age.  Following Tricia’s guidelines is better that any pill.” Julia Lee age 73

“I started taking Chair Yoga to be the best I can be to improve my health.  Chair yoga has increased my flexibility range of motion, muscular strength, and endurance. Also it has helped my balance.  Anyone can do chair yoga to improve their health.  Everyone should try at least one class.” Brenda age 66

“I started taking Chair yoga because I had developed bursitis in both my shoulders, and even with extensive PT the pain would not go away. I had wanted to add yoga to my exercise routine but regular yoga did not fit my body issues.  Since I started taking yoga classes not only have both shoulders become pain free, but the class has increased my movements and relieved all other pain in my joints.  I would have recommended this class to all my friends.  I believe this class unlike other yoga classes allows one to move at their own pace without painful up and down floor movement.  The class allows us to work at our own level while stretching for more because Tricia explains all levels of movement while she demonstrates and discusses how far each person needs to go according to their own body.  I will continue to take this as long as it is offered because the benefits are great.  I will continue to encourage all my friends to take the class also because I believe that it can be helpful to all”  Paula Cottle 70 year old female

“I started taking Chair Yoga for health reasons: balance, focus, strength, stress and anxiety.  Since I started taking Chair Yoga I can sleep straight thru the night without getting up even once.  I am calmer and physically feel stronger and better.  I can go up and downstairs now.  I would recommend this to a friend so they can receive the same benefits I have.  The teacher is knowledgeable, caring, and very very good.  She takes time to explain and reminds you not to do anything that hurts or strains you.” Diane Dente 67 year old female

“I started taking Chair Yoga to ease aches and pains from back problems.  I now experience less pain and I am more limber.  My balance has improved as well.  I would recommend this to a friend because it is low impact exercise that benefits the entire body.  The instructor is well versed in yoga.  The class is enjoyable and helpful to all ages.” Rosemary 72 year old female

Hatha Yoga:
“I started taking classes in December 2014.  I have become more flexible, mobile, increased strength and decreased low back pain.  I look forward to class and feel relaxed and less stressed after.” (dg female age 56)”At first I started taking yoga for ‘exercise’, then it helped me to become more open to the health and mind benefits of using both to become healthy.  Benefits I’ve received from taking class: more flexibility, better eating habits, and the desire to exercise more for my health.  I’d recommend this because yoga really helps link the mind and body together.  Tricia is a challenging and lovely instructor and friend.  She is very helpful to all students.  Her class is for students of all levels.” Mary age 53

“I started taking yoga to increase mental balance, increase flexibility, and increase serotonin.  Yoga helped me to accomplish all of the above and helps me stay in a good mood.  I enjoy the community.  I would recommend it to a friend for all of the previous reasons and I have met wonderful people.” Female age 44

“I started taking yoga for relaxation, to stay in shape, and for flexibility as I age.  Since I started taking classes my anxiety has been reduced, heart pounding stopped, and I sleep better.  I would recommend this to a friend because my life is so much more peaceful and in order when I practice yoga, and I wish this for each of you.  Tricia’s class is well paced, she is gifted at giving yoga instruction, and she is caring and faith-filled woman. The environment she creates is relaxed and calming.  Her class is a great way to start or end any day!” Linda female 58


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