Mindful Eating

I’m drinking my first cup of Organic Dandelion Root tea.  It is delicious! I notice the warmth of the cup in my hand.  I feel the steam rising from the cup warming my nose.  The smell and taste remind me of coffee.  Now mind you, I’ve never been a coffee drinker so this would probabley be a very, very mild coffee for you coffee drinkers.  Noticing the warm liquid slide down my throat and warming my belly,  I realize eating can be a form of meditation.

Nowadays, we’re so used to eating on the go, we don’t take the time to enjoy our food.  First of all, we should sit down to a meal.  Not eat in front of the computer or the television> Just you and your food (and maybe some friends or family).  We should be mindful of what we are eating.  What are the colors and textures of the food you your eating?  What do they smell like?  When you put the food in your mouth, what does it feel like in your mouth?  Hot or cold?  Wet or dry?  What about the taste?  Bitter or sweet?  Sour or salty? By being aware of these things we will slow down and enjoy your food.  We also will consume less calories and improve our digestion.

Part of the reason we overeat as a nation is because we eat mindlessly.  We’re not aware of what we’re putting into our mouth.  That means we’re also not aware of how much we are eating.  Why not try mindful eating at your next meal?  I’m sure you’ll experience a difference. The meal will be more enjoyable and you’ll probably feel more relaxed afterward.

Plus, this is a form of meditation.  By doing this, you will be fitting meditation into your already busy schedule maybe even three times a day if you practice this at each meal.   If you’d like to learn more about meditation, join me next Saturday, April 16th at 9:45am at the J Bryan Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach.


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