Sugar Addiction

Sugar is an addictive substance.  Do you crave sweets?  Once you start eating something sweet do you have trouble stopping?  It’s not a matter of willpower, sugar is highly addictive.  I’ve read sugar is as addictive as heroin.  There was another study with rats that were addicted to cocaine.  They then gave the rats a choice cocaine or sugar.  Guess which one the rats chose?  Sugar!  Also, when people stop eating sugar they experience withdrawal symptoms.

So if you are trying to stop eating sugar and are having trouble, don’t feel bad.  Your body is addicted to the substance and will crave it.  The best thing to do is treat it as an addiction and decide to give it up completely.  At first, you’re not going to feel well.  You’ll experience withdrawal symptoms and will feel like you are willing to do anything to get your sugar fix.

What can you do to help yourself give up sugar?  Find alternative foods to eat such as fresh vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, plain yogurt, kale chips.  Also, make sure you stay hydrated if your stomach is full (even if it is water) you will be less likely to eat empty calories.  Meditation can also help.  When the cravings come, take a deep breath in thru your nose and out thru your mouth, slowly and deeply.  Take 10 breaths like this and by the time you finish the 10th breath, your craving will have passed.  Finally, one last suggestion: exercise.  This will distract you from the craving plus you’ll burn calories and increase the release of your feel good hormones.  Exercise can be as simple as going for a walk, doing some push ups or sit ups, or just stretching.

Hope you’ve found this helpful. Please leave your comments below.



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