Happy Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day isn’t happy for everyone.  Maybe your biological Mother died recently and this is a sore reminder of that loss.  Maybe you’re trying to start a family but having fertility issues.  Maybe your Mother abused or neglected you.  Maybe your biological Mother gave you up for adoption and you struggle to understand why.  Whatever your reason for not wanting to celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s alright.Whatever emotions you experience, don’t judge yourself.  Allow yourself to experience them. Watch them come and go.  Once you’ve let your emotions pass, let’s see what we can be thankful for.

Maybe you’ve had other females in your life that took over the roles of a mother. Maybe they encouraged you and listened to you.  Maybe they were just there for you.  Maybe they taught you how to cook.  The possibilities are endless.  These women are the ones that should be celebrated today.  If another woman you know helped you, reach out to them and thank them.  Let them know what they meant to you.  They may not realize it and they may need to hear what you have to say.

So we just turned a not so happy experience into a more positive experience.  Has anything changed?  The only thing that changed was your focus.  What were you focusing on when you weren’t happy?  What you didn’t have.  What were you focusing on to make it a positive experience?  What you did have.  That’s it, just a shift in your attention.  Meditation can help us to improve this.  When we meditate, we focus on something.  It may be our breathing or a mantra.  But that is our focus that is all that matters while we are meditating.  Meditating on a regular basis makes this become easier and more natural.  To learn more about meditation join us Saturday, May 21st at 8:30am.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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