Let’s Chant!

This is not a comprehensive guide to chanting.  Rather it is a suggestion to empower us as we are quarantined at home during the Covid-19 event.  Many of us have lost our income, some of us are not allowed outside of our home, people are sick and our world will forever be changed.  Despite all of this, we can make a difference.  We can change not only our own environment at home as well as our mental state, but we can make a positive impact on the world simply by chanting.

Chanting.  Now, you can chant out loud and if you’re like me and live alone, I can do it out loud anytime and not have to worry about disturbing anyone.  BUT you don’t need to chant out loud, you can chant at a whisper level or even just in your head.  You decide what you feel most comfortable with.

Why should you chant?  It is a form of meditation and some people enjoy it.  Chanting improves our parasympathetic nervous system and this is what strengthens our immune system.

Our immune system is our first defense against Covid 19.  A strong immune system will fight it off and as studies show most people that have been infected have NO symptoms.  Why no symptoms, because their immune system knocked it out.  Most people that do have symptoms experience mild symptoms.  But, if you have an impaired immune system, which can occur due to stress, disease, insulin resistance, etc, your immune system will have troubling fighting Covid 19 off.  These are the people that especially need to quarantine to protect themselves.

However, all of us can strengthen our immune system by chanting.  Chanting also lowers blood pressure, slows your breathing, decreases release of cortisol as well as many more benefits. And it’s FREE!

So you can chant whatever you would like to chant, but my suggestion is let’s send out some positive energy into the universe.  Whenever we say a word, its vibration continues on even after we have said it and can no longer hear it.  If you’re not chanting out loud, our thoughts are energy and travel out into space and all around the world so we can change our world by chanting!

My suggestion for chanting today is the Sanskrit saying:
Lokah samaste sukhino bhavantu

Don’t know how to say those words, no worries.  Say it in English:
May all beings we happy joyous and free!

Isn’t that what we all need now?  We can send that energy out and help the world heal.  Would you please join me and chant this?  I will be chanting everyday for at least 1 minute, probably longer.  Can you chant for a minute every day?

Hope you found this helpful.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

May all of you be happy joyous and free! Emoji




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