What is that?

That’s the question I am asked anytime I mention the word rebounding. I’ve been exercising on a rebounder since I was a teen to protect my joints. Basically, a rebounder is a mini trampoline. They range in size from 30-40 inches in diameter. Some even fold up so you can store them under your bed.

What do you do with a rebounder?

Any cardio exercise. You can just jog in place. Do jumping jacks, kicks, hamstring curls and on and on. There are plenty of work outs on youtube.

Anyone can rebound. Some rebounders have a bar that you can hold onto to stabilize yourself. If you don’t use the bar, you will increase your balance. Otherwise, exercising on a rebounder is a great low impact cardiovascular work out. It increases bone density as well as muscle mass and is great for moving your lymph.

Hope this piques your interest in rebounding. Let me know what you think.


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